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Protecting Yourself from Everyday Germs

Most experts say winter is the germiest season of the year, but any time of year, something as simple as touching a doorknob then touching your face can be enough for you to get ill. Coughs, colds, flu or just sneezing and the sniffles can be caught by being exposed to common everyday germs. However, […]

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The Best Natural Ways to Manage Pain

Managing Pain without Medication The recent worries about the misuse of opioids has many concerned about pain relievers in general. The government is presently fighting the opioid epidemic and trying to get prescription drug use for chronic pain down across the board. There are millions who suffer from chronic or severe pain, so it is […]

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How Yoga and Meditation Can Benefit Your Health

Most people are aware of the most common health benefits associated with practicing yoga and meditation. Some of these include reducing stress, battling anxiety and depression, lowering blood pressure, helping with asthma, arthritis and alleviating back pain. They have also been known to help ease the symptoms of a hangover. Recent studies have indicated the […]

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