Benefits of the Top 10 Foods High in Calcium


The element calcium is found in the body as well as the earth’s crust. The human and animal bodies store it in bones and teeth. The bones become a storage area for calcium and release it into the bloodstream as it is needed. It has more importance than just bone health, it’s good for helping blood clot, secretion of hormones and for muscle contraction. Eating foods rich in calcium also helps control your appetite and can help with weight loss efforts.

Top 10 High Calcium Foods

When someone mentions calcium, most people think of dairy products, and especially milk. Even though milk and dairy products are good sources, these are not the only foods that contain it. There are lots of foods, both plant and animal-based that provide it. Foods like vegetables, beans, nuts, and fish can provide good amounts of calcium. Here are the top 10 foods you should eat:

  1. Canned sardines with the bones included.
  2. Kefir or yogurt.
  3. Raw milk.
  4. Cheese
  5. Raw kale.
  6. Raw okra.
  7. Almonds
  8. Raw broccoli.
  9. Watercress
  10. Bok choy.

Four Primary Benefits of Eating Foods High in Calcium

While there are many different benefits you’ll get from foods containing calcium, let’s focus on the four big ones. Here are the four primary benefits you can realize by consuming high-calcium foods.

  1. Healthy Bones. About 10 million adults in the US suffer from osteoporosis. This bone disease is responsible for most of the broken bones in the elderly, and especially affects women more often than men. Calcium intake is important throughout your life, but particularly important as you age. The best choices to ensure good healthy bones include leafy green veggies and raw or fermented dairy products. Consuming plenty of calcium can help minimize bone loss and fractures later in life and help maximize peak bone mass.
  2. Help Prevent Cancer. Several studies have indicated that eating foods rich in calcium may help reduce the risk of some kinds of cancer, especially rectal and colon cancers. Prevention studies have demonstrated that both men and women who consumed higher amounts of calcium reduced the risk of colorectal cancer over those who maintained lower intake. Those who consumed more, included it in their diets as well as in supplement form.
  3. Help with Weight Management. A few clinical studies have discovered that there is a connection between lower body weight and higher consumption of calcium-rich foods. It binds to the fat in the digestive system and helps with its excretion. This may help prevent fat absorption which lowers the number of calories contributing to fat gain.
  4. Improve Heart Health and Blood Pressure. Calcium rich foods help the smooth muscle tissues located in arteries and veins to relax. It can also help prevent blood from clotting which can help keep blood pressure lower. One popular diet, the DASH diet recommends eating calcium-rich foods like kefir and yogurt simply because they help maintain normal blood pressure.