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20 Natural Remedies for People Dealing With Insomnia

What to do if You Experience Insomnia There are two basic types of insomnia chronic and acute. Acute insomnia is typically temporary and will resolve itself without any intervention or treatment. Chronic insomnia, however, lasts for much longer and is characterized by having difficulty sleeping at least three nights a week for longer than a […]

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Reset Your Health by Detoxing Your Body

  Detoxing has a broad definition and there are a number of ways to detox effectively. It’s important when detoxing that the body is provided with key nutrients while ridding it of chemicals, added ingredients, and other substances. Here are a few guidelines to help detox. Avoid sugar-laden drinks and switch them out for water, […]

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Does Running Really Help You Live Longer?

  There’s no doubt exercise offers a wide variety of health benefits and just one of those includes the potential of extending life. Recent research has indicated that one exercise, in particular, can help you live longer. Running might just be a life extender even if you run only five minutes each day. In one […]

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