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The Truth Behind Taking Power Naps: Good or Bad?

  Recent results from research and studies indicate a power nap might actually be good for you. Brief naps lasting between five and 15 minutes can offer a pick-me-up with benefits that last as long as one to three hours. Naps lasting more than 30 minutes tend to produce short-term impairments because of grogginess, but […]

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Using Beeswax for Lowering Cholesterol and Pain

Bees are known for creating intricately designed honeycombs. What’s even more amazing is that the structure they build contains a substance that provides so many benefits and can be used in so many different ways. Bees work together to create this wonderful substance that can be useful for lowering cholesterol and relieving pain along with […]

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What are Postbiotics and what are their Benefits?

  Postbiotics are created when probiotics feed on some types of fiber molecules. The “waste” they leave behind is a byproduct of the process of bacterial fermentation. Even though the thought of a waste product sounds distasteful, it is now thought that postbiotics play an important role in your gut health. There are many benefits […]

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