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Top 10 Fermented Foods and Their Health Benefits

What are fermented foods? Fermentation is an ancient process used to produce foods like beer, wine, chocolate, yogurt, cheese, and bread. Our ancestors used fermentation to preserve foods so they could be preserved and available to them throughout different seasons. With the advancements made over time, today we can keep fermented foods in the refrigerator […]

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Micronutrients that Prevent Disease and Fight Aging

The term micronutrients is common, but few understand what it means and how they benefit the body. Micronutrients are the trace elements and chemicals in foods we eat. But more commonly, most think of them as vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. There are dozens of them found in healthy foods, especially whole foods. You may recognize these […]

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Are there any Healthy Cheese Options?

There’s been quite a bit of debate over whether or not cheese is healthy. Most cheeses are dairy-based and those who have difficulty consuming dairy products avoid cheese in their diets. Some people feel cheese, in general, is not a healthy option. However, there are some healthier options, even for those who cannot eat dairy […]

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