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Why Grass-Fed Beef Collagen is Beneficial for Your Health

Collagen is the main structural protein in our body, accounting for twenty five to thirty five percent of all proteins. The two types of collagen are rigid and compliant, the former is found in bones and the latter is found in tendons. Blood vessels regulate body functions, and collagen is the protein that allows the vessels to constrict […]

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Fastest Way to Lose Weight with your Diet Exercise and Supplements

Yes, you heard of a million different people, work out systems, diets, and supplements all tell you that their method is the full proof way to lose weight. Maybe they are great diets and techniques made to accomplish such a hard task. Well there some reasons why you haven’t seen those quick results that you wish to achieve. […]

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Is Coconut Oil a Fat Source that also Promotes Optimal Health?

Communities living in or near the Pacific Ocean have used coconut oil in their diets for thousands of years, and when a doctor investigated the overall health of these communities they were shown to have no traces of cardiovascular disease, had optimal dental health, and were fit and lean. The doctor Weston Price thought this could be linked […]

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