Foods to Avoid if You Want to Live a Healthy Lifestyle

Many people are looking to add more healthy foods to their diet so that they can lose a few extra pounds, or so that they can slim out certain areas of their body. But, what about those people out there that want to eat healthier due to other reasons and not due to losing some weight?

What about those people who have problems breaking down food properly? Or those people that lack a certain enzyme in digestion? Or those people that have low acidic levels present in their stomach? These issues may happen due to the altering of certain foods along with the chemicals incorporated into foods. Our bodies may not be able to digest the new processed foods out there.

Whatever way you want to look at it, Americans are having more difficulties with digesting certain foods. So, what are the most common foods that people have problems with?


  1. Dairy

We know that natural fats and proteins are actually healthy to consume. However, our bodies struggle and sort of refuse to break down our beloved milk, cheese, and eggs once we reach a certain age. This unfortunate circumstance is due to our body’s lack of ability to produce the enzyme needed to break down dairy after a while.

The enzyme used to break down such products, better known as lactase, allows absorption through the intestinal wall during digestion in order for the breakdown process to go smoothly. However, if you happen to have a lactase deficiency, your body will allow such products to go through the intestinal wall during digestion without allowing the breakdown process to occur. This, in turn, results in gas forming, causing stomach issues. Bloating, flatulence, cramps, and diarrhea are likely to occur when the breakdown process is not carried out.

Instead, incorporate milk such as almond and cashew into your diet.


  1. Grains w/Gluten

 Gluten is found in most grains and is used to bind them together. But, it’s hard for many people to break down gluten in the digestive tracts. Such inability to break down the product may result in gas, heartburn, anemia, and inflammation, just to name a few. In addition, those that have an inability to break down the product may experience fatigue throughout the day, restlessness at night, weight gain and difficulty losing said weight, and inflammation in areas such as joints and the thyroid.


If problems such as this occur after eating gluten, it is recommended to lessen or cut out gluten intake. Such foods to avoid consist of rye, oats, barley, and bran, just to name a few. Try consuming foods like quinoa, carrots, sweet potatoes, and zucchini. If the symptoms dissipate, it is likely that gluten was the problem. Another option is to run a food sensitivity test.


  1. Soy

 Soy can cause digestive and stomach issues, too. This once healthy food now has become one of the most difficult foods to digest. For example, foods like soymilk and soy ice cream are processed to the max, resulting in our body’s inability to consume the food. We just can’t recognize it anymore. And, soy causes a rise in estrogen in men and women’s bodies, in turn causing a range of symptoms to appear.

Instead, try some gluten-free soy sauce, or, try to avoid soy in general.


  1. Sugar

 Sugar is in everything, it’s addictive, and it’s more often than not, refined. These little facts make it rather difficult to quit taking in foods that taste so good. Especially considering the fact that it’s not only sweets that are filled with sugars, it’s also in everyday items like condiments and sauces.

Sugar is a problem for the digestive system, though. Our brains may think otherwise, due to the amount of dopamine secreted to give us that pleasure-like feeling. But, in turn, sugar increases insulin levels, leaving our bodies to have what’s known as a sugar crash. Then, we want more of the product to not feel that yucky feeling after consumption.

However, some people with gut issues have bad bacteria present throughout this organ. When this happens, sugar can actually feed gut issues, making them worse than ever before. Serious infections may result.

Instead, try to consume more products like honey and maple instead of pure, refined sugar.


  1. Processed Foods

 Processed foods consist of those foods in a can or box; These should be avoided at all costs for those of you with digestion issues. Most of these foods contain one of the following: dairy, gluten, soy, or sugar. Other ingredients may be added to worsen stomach issues, too. Inflammation issues often accompany such stomach issues when eating processed foods.

Instead, try to eat more healthy, natural, and whole foods. Organic is the best way to go.