Does Pink Himalayan Salt Provide More Benefits Than Table Salt?

You may know it by several names, pink Himalayan salt, pink salt, Himalayan sea salt, or crystal salt.¬† “Rock salt” or halite comes from Pakistan nearly 200 miles from the Himalayas. These salt fields are rich and old. Himalayan crystal salt is mined from 5000 feet below the Himalayan Mountain range. The salt in these mines is believed to be 99% pure as they have experienced pressure for millions of years. The color of Himalayan salt can vary from pink to white or red. Pink Himalayan salt is chemically NaCl or sodium chloride. It’s actually a mineral substance and can be very important health wise.

What Makes Himalayan Pink Salt Better than Common Table Salt?

True pink Himalayan salt is among the purest salt available, usually mined by hand. The difference involves processing. Commercial, refined table salt contains 97.5% sodium chloride while unrefined salts contain approximately 87%. Heavily processed table salt loses most of its minerals. In fact, table salt’s processing leaves it with only one mineral – sodium. Additives like anti-clumping agents further degrade its quality. Furthermore, commercial table salt undergoes bleaching processes leaving behind aluminum alternatives toxic to human health.

Five Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt

1. Improve Respiratory Problems

The anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties in pink salt loosen mucus and help clear it out. Rock salt removes pathogens in the air such as pollen. The term for this type of natural treatment is halotherapy. The word is derived from the Greek word “halos” meaning salt. Salt therapy is the process of inhaling micronized dry salt. Recent studies also reveal halotherapy is a drug-free effective method of treating chronic respiratory problems like bronchitis.

2. Balance the pH in the Body

The rich mineral content in pink Himalayan salt balances the body’s pH levels. Maintaining a proper pH improves immune function and good digestion. The sodium content in pink salt along with electrolytes directly affect the blood’s pH.

3. Aids the Digestive Process

A saltwater flush helps promote a healthy bowel movement. Drinking warm salt and lemon water made with pink Himalayan salt causes a reaction in the bowels. It’s a natural remedy for constipation. The solution needs to be warm and it needs to be done on an empty stomach. A daily “sole” balances stomach acid, supports the production of digestive fluids in the pancreas and liver, regulates metabolism, and maintains a proper acid/alkaline balance.

4. Purify the Air

Pink Himalayan salt makes a perfect lamp. But the muted light isn’t the benefit. It’s the air-cleansing properties that make it valuable. The rock salt attracts water vapors along with pollutants. The water vapor soon evaporates because of the heat while the dust and allergens remain trapped.

5. Natural Sleep Aid

Himalayan pink salt encourages better, restful sleep. The high mineral content is the key. Including adequate amounts of salt in your diet helps you get a good night’s sleep. It acts as a natural sleep aid. Early research indicated low-sodium diets disturb sleep patterns. When the blood is low on sodium, its volume decreases. This causes the sympathetic nervous system to react trying to compensate causing you to wake up more often. It also makes it more difficult to go back to sleep.