The Truth About Diet Soda and How it Affects Your Health

Diet soda is a type of carbonated beverage which promotes weight loss. While they may be a way to reduce daily caloric intake, as more people have begun to realize them as potential health hazards, sales have dropped. Manufacturers stopped sweetening with sugar and instead began to use artificial sweeteners like sucralose, saccharin, cyclamate, and aspartame. Their goal is to make people feel better about what they are drinking. However, numerous studies from notable institutions like Stanford and Harvard have linked the consumption of diet sodas with many health problems such as kidney failure and cholesterol. One surprising health hazard caused by diet sodas was unwanted weight gain.

What Drinking Diet Soda Does to Your Body


 Causes Headaches

Aspartame is a synthetic sweetener that’s used in many diet drinks. Recent studies indicate it does cause headaches for many people. Those who consume diet drinks may notice a sharp increase in the number of headaches they suffer. These are in correlation with the amount of diet drinks consumed.

Increase the Risk of Heart Attacks

One study which was conducted for a span of two decades discovered that people who drink a single can of soda every day increased the risk of a heart attack by 20%. They were also far more likely to die as the result of a heart attach than those who didn’t regularly consume sugary drinks.

May Cause an Allergic Reaction

Diet soda contains chemicals that can lead to an allergic reaction. This is especially true for those already dealing with allergies as they can worsen them. Some may break out with hives, be at a higher risk for developing asthma or simply feel slight irritations around their eyes after a diet drink.

Kidney Damage

Those who consistently drink diet sodas for long periods of time can have a 30% reduction in their kidney function. One study considered people who had consumed diet sodas for longer than 20 years.

Depression or Anxiety

Those who drink more than four cans of soda a day are likely to have about a 30% higher risk of dealing with depression. The caffeine content in sodas can also lead to issues with stress and anxiety.

Increased Risk of Obesity

Even though people tend to drink diet sodas to reduce caloric intake, they may lead to weight gain. The artificial sweeteners tend to disrupt the body’s ability to regulate calories. Some studies have demonstrated drinking only two diet drinks a day can increase the waistline by as much as 500%

Type II Diabetes

When the body has issues with insulin levels drinking diet sodas may seem like a good solution. However, it has the opposite effect. Instead of helping maintain insulin levels, drinking too much can lead to insulin resistance and a diagnosis of Type II diabetes.

Causes Metabolic Issues

A study completed at the University of Minnesota indicated a single diet drink a day can wreak havoc with the body’s metabolism. Continued consumption can lead to metabolic syndrome which can put a person at a higher risk for developing heart disease.

Healthy Soda Alternative

Combine these ingredients:

½ c. of hibiscus flowers

¾ c.  of coconut crystals

¼ c. of ginger root

Lemon juice (use ½ a lemon)

Pinch of salt

Put one cup of water in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Stir until the crystals are dissolved. Strain liquid into a glass jar. Add three tablespoons of the syrupy liquid to eight-ounce glass of carbonated water. Store the rest in the fridge.