Why Grass-Fed Beef Collagen is Beneficial for Your Health

Collagen is the main structural protein in our body, accounting for twenty five to thirty five percent of all proteins. The two types of collagen are rigid and compliant, the former is found in bones and the latter is found in tendons. Blood vessels regulate body functions, and collagen is the protein that allows the vessels to constrict and dilate in order to perform these functions. It also makes up about two percent of all muscle tissue, including cardiac muscle.


One of the benefits of grass fed collagen is that it restores joint function. Both athletic performance and some everyday activities like walking on pavement lead to tissue breakdown in our body and make us age faster. Taking extra collagen can restore our joints and muscles to keep us fitter for longer.

Besides longevity, it also enhances physical performance. Taking collagen can not only restore joints, but also minimize inflammation and therefore reduce pain during physical activity. In addition, taking collagen can help to supplement weight loss because it makes a person feel more full from eating quicker and for longer. By taking collagen you can improve your diet and repair the damage caused by daily activities.

Because collagen provides the elasticity for muscle contraction, it is important in strength and power training. If you cannot control the descent or movement of your body after an initial lift, you will injure the tissue in your muscles. Collagen provides our muscles with this ability to control the descent and keep our muscles healthy. Adding collagen to our diet also makes our skin healthier and clearer. It reduces wrinkles and helps wound repair, which also contributes to longevity.

The biggest benefit of taking grass fed collagen in particular is that meat that is grass fed tends to be of a higher quality, meaning that the collagen you get from grass fed beef is more nutrient dense and better at performing all of the functions that have been discussed. Grain fed collagen tends to pass on more fat and is less effective at repairing muscles. Vitamin C and leafy vegetables also contain collagen and can be helpful in getting the necessary amount. However, grass fed collagen closely mimics the collagen in our bodies and is therefore more effective. It also contributes to feeling less bloated than one would feel after eating traditional grain fed beef.

It is important to note that collagen from marine sources can cause allergic reactions, and when taken in conjunction with calcium supplements it can cause hypercalcemia. This can lead to bone pain and fatigue, so grass fed collagen is always the safer option. Grass fed collagen is also available in the supplements aisle of any health food store so it is accessible. It is also possible to order grass fed collagen online through sources like Amazon.